Looking for The Best Steak in london? Big Easy have you covered.

Juicy Steak IN LONDON

If you love nothing more than a mouthwatering steak to get your teeth into, then you're in the right place.

Here at Big Easy, we use only the finest cuts of beef to provide delicious dishes and succulent steaks every time.

Across our various locations throughout London, we've created the perfect venue for a prime piece of steak.

Always fresh, hand-cut, and covered in tasty spices, this is steak done right.

From perfectly grilled rib-eye to tender fillet and beyond, we have you covered no matter your preferences.

Our DeliciouS Steak Dishes

We offer a range of flavourful steak dishes that are always big crowd-pleasers.

Start with our Rib-Eye, available in 9oz and 14oz cuts, cooked to your liking and served with your choice of sauce and sides.

Our Sirloin Steak, also available in 9oz and 14oz cuts, provides a lean, flavourful experience ideal for any steak lover.

For a more tender option, try our Fillet Steak, offered in 7oz and 11oz cuts, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite.

The Rump Steak, an 11oz cut, is perfect for those who enjoy a more robust flavour and is a steak-lovers dream.

For something a little different, our Texas Spiced Steak Dinner features sliced thin steak marinated in a spicy Southern-style rub, served with chunky chips, sour cream, and a small house salad.

Or if you're hungry for some seafood, our Surf & Turf option combines the best of both land and sea, featuring a perfectly cooked steak paired with a succulent half lobster.

Steak in london done differently

Our steaks are famous for being prime quality and packed with flavour.

This is no ordinary bit of meat.

Firstly, we use only top-quality beef. This ensures our steaks are fresh and always the best they can be.

Our team is expertly trained in steak preparation. Whether grilled or pan-seared, each cooking method is chosen to enhance the steak’s natural flavours and textures.

This expertise means you enjoy perfectly cooked steak every time, no matter if you like it rare or well done.

So come on down and treat yourself to a slice of our famous steak, you won't regret it!

great steak and great music, the perfect match

What can make the experience of enjoying our delicious steaks even better?

A side of great live music of course!

From rock to blues to country, our diverse musical lineup ensures you'll have the perfect backdrop while you savour our succulent steaks.

Each night, our stage features talented artists, both local and from afar, creating an energetic atmosphere that complements our authentic dining experience.

So, why delay?

Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening where mouthwatering steak meets outstanding live music!


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Canary Wharf

Located in London’s business district, complete with live music, home-style cooking and – of course – plenty of fresh East Coast lobster.

Covent Garden

A unique industrial building in the heart of London's theatre district serving up Bar.B.Q-inspired home cooking, fresh East Coast lobster and live music.

Westfield Stratford

With space for 250 guests across two floors ­as well as an expansive outdoor terrace, there’s plenty of room to enjoy a classic Big Easy night out.


Big Easy Bluewater is an exciting multi level 'open plan' restaurant set over 6,500 sq ft with 250 seats. Featuring 2 bars set over 3 floors with nightly live bands.


The original Big Easy restaurant is located on London’s fashionable King’s Road. Inspired by Southern States Gulf coast crab shacks and Bar.B.Q culture.


Browse our Restaurants & Bars in and around London.