Key Elements of an Authentic American BBQ in London

Do you ever get a craving for delicious home-smoked barbecue as enjoyed in America?

Key Elements of an Authentic American BBQ in London

Do you ever get a craving for delicious home-smoked barbecue as enjoyed in America?

Whether you’ve watched a movie set in texas or the Gulf States and caught sight of real barbecue, or have friends based in America who love nothing better than tasty lobster and BBQ, we understand how you would be seriously tempted to try the real thing.

Here’s the thing, finding a truly authentic place to experience these great American legends can be almost impossible in London without being in the know.

But there is a way. If you’re yearning for authentic American BBQ and find yourself wandering the streets of London feeling lost, Big Easy is here to save you. 

Across several locations, our restaurants and bars throughout London offer a genuine slice of Texas and the Gulf-states.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you the key elements to look for in authentic American BBQ, and why Big Easy ticks every box. 

Elements of Genuine American BBQ

So, what’s the secret to creating delicious food that transports you straight to the American South?

It all starts with choosing the right techniques and ingredients. Our menu is packed with delicious, high-quality meat and seafood.

From our Texas Brisket, which is dry-rubbed and infused with Lone Star Spices, to our pork ribs that are inspired by St. Louis, our dishes are created to be delicious, authentic, and always satisfying. 

Here are some ways that we stick to traditional methods to always provide plenty of flavour:

Slow Cooking & Smoking

Let’s start with an important one. 

At the heart of any American BBQ, are the techniques of slow cooking and smoking. This involves using lower temperatures and cooking over longer periods. 

This is the only way to really let the smoke penetrate into the meat and is sure to provide that deep barbecue flavour that we all love. 

This also makes the meat nice and tender, allowing it to virtually melt in your mouth in dishes such as our Bar.B.Q Pulled Pork Sandwich and our Brisket Sandwich and Pork Ribs.

Dry Rubs and Marinades

Want to know how that finger-licking flavour gets onto our meat?

As with the point above, it takes a long process to pack in so much flavour, and we dry rub meats such as our Texas Brisket and Pork Ribs to ensure the spices and herbs really soak in. 

This means they are covered with delicious herbs before they hit the smoke.

Quality of Ingredients

We don’t use any old meat in our dishes. 

Only the best meat and seafood are used in every dish, from our steaks to our lobsters, ensuring every bite is delicious and packed with flavour.

This is the cornerstone of an authentic American BBQ.

Traditional Sides

No barbecue is complete without the “Trimmings”, like our freshly prepared coleslaw and our barbecue beans.

This is legendary American food at its best.

Socialising & Entertainment

Let’s step away from the food for a second, and take a look at another key element of any good barbecue. 

The social aspect is key, and it’s something we put a lot of thought into here at Big Easy. 

From our bars, serving up a vast selection of beers on tap as well a formidable selection of whiskies and bourbons, to our live bands that play every night in every BigEasy location, we offer so much more than just delicious barbecue food. 

Whether you are just dropping by, or celebrating a special occasion, our locations provide the perfect venue for letting your hair down, and enjoying some great food while you’re doing it.

Getting Stuck In

And the final element?

Well, that’s simply getting stuck in. 

Our food is best enjoyed when you’re not afraid to get your fingers a little messy. With our own recipe barbecue sauce your meal experience comes to life.

(Wet wipes are always available!)

Authentic American BBQ Dishes in Our Menu

We feature plenty of dishes here at Big Easy which are taken straight from Texas and the American South and these include:

  • Texas Brisket - Always a firm favourite, the Texas Brisket at Big Easy is a masterpiece of meat preparation. Dry-rubbed with a secret blend of spices and slow-smoked to perfection, this dish is tender, juicy, and infused with authentic Texas-style flavours. The brisket is smoked over wood to capture the essence of traditional Texan BBQ, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a genuine taste of the great state of Texas.
  • St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs and Baby Back Pork Ribs - For you rib aficionados out there, Big Easy offers two distinct styles: St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs and Baby Back Pork Ribs. The St. Louis ribs are known for their meatier and fattier qualities, while Baby Back ribs offer a leaner option with a delicate flavour and tender texture. Both are glazed with a house-made BBQ sauce that complements the rich, smoky meat.
  • BBQ & Surf - The BBQ & Surf combinations are a creative twist that pairs traditional smokey barbecue flavours with the fresh taste of seafood. This category features dynamic pairings such as ribs with shrimp, chicken with lobster, and more, offering diners a wide choice of their favourite dish. If you want a bit of everything or are feeling a little indecisive, these provide the best of both worlds.
  • Taste-O-Rama - As mentioned above, great BBQ  food is best when enjoyed with friends and family, which is why our menu features options perfect for sampling all our barbecue meats. The Taste-O-Rama is a selection that includes BBQ chicken, St. Louis pork ribs, and Carolina pulled pork, served alongside homemade cornbread. This is a platter that showcases a great selection of our tasty meats.
  • BBQ Blow Out - Struggling to find a way to please your whole group? The BBQ Blow Out is the solution to this. This platter provides the ultimate feast, featuring an assortment of chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and Texas hot links sausages. This spread ensures that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Authentic American BBQ in London with Big Easy

Here at Big Easy we are your go-to spot for authentic American BBQ right in the heart of London. 

But with us, it’s about more than just great food. We love to create an atmosphere that celebrates the joy of good food and good company. 

So, next time you’re in London hungry for a taste of the deep South, why not pop in for a bite of tasty barbecue food that you’re sure to love.

Reserve a table today or get in touch.

Key Elements of an Authentic American BBQ in London
Key Elements of an Authentic American BBQ in London