Incase you didn’t already know, heres a few facts about how things are done around here…

At Big Easy we cook real home-smoked U.S Bar.B.Q the old school way with wood and time.

The trick to great Bar.B.Q starts with the meat; All our meat comes from trusted butchers who prepare the finest cuts from carefully selected farmers. Our steaks come from rare breed British Beef & USDA Prime because quite frankly, we think they’re the best you can get and our pork is taken from selected cuts and include traditional breeds such as, Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback and Large Black renowned for the quality and flavour of their meat.

Our Briskets and Pork Shoulder spend 16-18 hours smoking in our J&R Bar.B.Q pits to ensure a ‘Slow and Low’ cooking experience that guarantees the tenderest piece of meat.

We’ve been working with the same fishermen for the last 20 years, they trawl the icy waters off Nova Scotia, following the seasons to ensure that we always have the finest lobster around….and it’s flown in fresh 3 times a week!!