The trick to a good Bar.B.Q? Well, the meat of course! We only source our meat from trusted butchers who prepare the finest cuts from carefully-selected partners.

Our steaks are hand-cut quality beef and our pork is taken from selected cuts, including traditional breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback and Large Black – renowned for quality and flavour.

At Covent Garden and Canary Wharf we cook real home-smoked Bar.B.Q the traditional way – with wood and time – and at Big Easy Chelsea, our baby back ribs are cooked fresh on our Parilla charcoal grill. Because of the traditional methods used to cook our Bar.B.Q, it’s served warm rather than piping hot.



The East Texas Bar.B.Q is slowly cooked over hickory wood until it falls off the bone, then marinated in a sweet, tomato-based sauce.

The Central Texas ‘meat market style’ originated in the butcher’s shops of German and Czech immigrants. It’s rubbed with spices and cooked over indirect heat from pecan or oak wood.

The West Texas ‘cowboy style’ is cooked directly over mesquite, creating a deep, smoky, bitter taste.

Southern Texans favour a thick, molasses-like sauce to keep meat incredibly moist. Barbacoa style uses goat, mutton and whole cuts, traditionally cooked in the ground.


Our St. Louis pork ribs are dry-rubbed, a process that involves seasoning with salts and spices to create the famous blackened crust.

Our Bar.B.Q chicken and pork sandwiches are served in a simple bun, topped with our home-made ‘slaw.


Served pulled, shredded, chopped or sliced, the Carolina Bar.B.Q is all about the finest pork cuts, rubbed with our blend of spices and carefully topped with a spice and vinegar baste during smoking.


The Kansas Bar.B.Q traditionally uses a wide variety of meat, smoked with a dry rub and served with a wonderfully thick and sweet sauce on the side.

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Our wet ribs are dry-rubbed and sauced throughout the cooking process, to ensure that authentic sticky experience with every bite.

The dry ribs are rubbed and cooked in the same way, but without the sauce – creating a crispy outside with succulent meat and those famous burnt ends.


We cook our meat low and slow over a variety of different woods. If you like strong and smoky flavours, choose melt-in-the mouth Texan brisket cooked over hickory and oak. If you prefer mild and sweet, then our St Louis pork ribs or Bar.B.Q chicken are for you, cooked over fruity cherry or apple. 

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